About Chaima

Bychaima began its journey in 2016. As a young girl I always knew that fashion was my passion, especially Morrocan fashion. I used to design my own dresses like most young Moroccan girls but this was different. I was so interested in the process and I knew this is what I wanted, so I started designing Moroccan caftans but soon there was something missing.

I loved creating out of the box items and I wanted them to be worn not only at weddings, but also as daily wear. That’s how I decided to start my own Moroccan inspired clothing line with its focus on ready to wear items, festive clothing and much more and we made sure its modest wear with a Moroccan touch.

Every new collection has a different story to tell. Wonly have limited edition items, because I truly want my items to stay unique. I want the client to feel unique and that is why we never remake a design. I want to see my creations all over the world and see the modest woman be unique and special.


Made in morocco

From our fabrics to our jewelry.. it’s all made in Morocco. Our items are one by one handmade. We strive to support small businesses in Morocco, that’s why each item of ByChaima goes trough at least 7 people before it is ready.

I create a design and then we set out to buy our fabrics in Morocco. From there our seemstress start cutting and sewing. After that the item goes to our workers to add the Moroccan tread (sfifa) and when they are done it goes back to our Moul zwaq ( embroidery workers ). After they are done our items go back to our seemstresses for the final adjustments and check up, and last but not least the work close up the items with A3kad.

designs by chaima